About TCGA

Welcome to This Could Get Awkward, a podcast by women who experience, create, and discuss uncomfortable encounters and situations on a regular basis.

Who are we?

We are Janel and Sam, two women in our 20s who became instant friends before we ever met each other, and who fell in friend love the first time Sam ever heard Janel honk laugh. We love to sing and play music together, and by that we mean we have one song we can sort of do and often force people to listen to when we have been drinking.

Maybe we are huge narcissists for it, but we think we have great chemistry and energy and that the world might want to hang out with us while we chat about our lives and current events!

We hope you enjoy our podcast, but we warn you… this could get awkward.

Contact Us!

Click the Facebook and Twitter icons below to check us out on social media! Questions, comments, personal stories of awkward encounters and situations? Email us: thiscouldgetawkwardpodcast@gmail.com.